Welcome to Land Of Mighty Warriors Beta, NO Download Needed, ActionRPG Web Game, 80% translated in English, Exp:20x, Upgrade:6x, Vote Rewards in Taels, Vouchers and ViP Progression, 4 Classes, Bosses, Dungeons, PvE and PvP Events and alot of Free Stuff, Join Now!

  • Web Game, NO Download Needed, Play In Browser

  • Exp:20x, Upgrade:6x, 4 Classes, Bosses, Dungeons

  • Free 1M Vouchers, 100M Gold, R2 Wings, Vip2

  • Vote everyday to receive Taels, Vouchers and ViP Points

Posted by LoMAdmin - 14/08/15 12:07PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

We have a new Vote For Rewards System which rewards Taels also beside Vouchers and Vip Points!

Total rewards if you vote each top site every 12 hours (twice a day) will be :

- 12000 Taels

- 500040 Vouchers

- 1020 Vip Points


This is what you have to do to be able to vote proeprly and get game credits properly


- Register An Vote Panel Account HERE

- Click Vote Now and Vote Each Top In The List

- Vote Credits Are Received ONLY If Captcha Its Completed

- You Must Link Your Game Accounts First To Be Able To Transfer Vote Credits To Game Credits (Taels, Vouchers, Vip Points)

- Click on LINK Buttons Then Add Game Account And Game Password

- After Linking Game Account You Can Transfer Vote Credits To The Game You Play

- Click on "Transfer Vote Credits" Button To Transfer Vote Credits to Game Credits  (Taels, Vouchers, Vip Points)

- If You Already Vote, It Will Show You Which One You Already Voted


Extra Information:

- Account must be at least 1 day old to be able to Link it in Vote Panel

- To See The Countdown Timer, Click On Already Voted

- One Game Account Can Be Linked Just Once

- All Tops Can Be Voted Every 12 Hours

- IP Cooldown its Global, 1 IP can be used once every 12h

- Each Game Has His Own Exchange Rate

- Vote Credits Are Different Then Game Credits

- Vote Credits Can Be Transfered To Any Linked Game Account


NOTE: Taels and Gold can be sold or transfered in game using Stall (Hotkey: P), making more accounts and voting from each of them everyday(using different IP's of course) can increase your Taels income tremendously 

Posted by LoMAdmin - 14/06/15 03:34AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,


- We fixed Super Cards and some errors in Bounty

- We also increase the Vote Rewards, they reward 25000 Vouchers and 50 ViP Points for each Vote done, every 12 hours, that brings the total of 500000 Vouchers and 1000 ViP Points Vote Reward each day, if the player votes every 12 hours all Tops found in our "Vote For Rewards" page

Attention: To access InGame Shop please press V, the Voucher category its the last tab, though some voucher items can be found in the other tabs like gear boxes in 6th tab, titles in 5th and much more, be sure to check all shop tabs




PS: We are slowly but steady fixing bugs and translate more of the game, thank you for playing Land Of Mighty Warriors

Posted by LoMAdmin - 07/06/15 07:35PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

We did several changes to the server settings and translated abit more stuff, though our main goal was to address the Taels(use to be called Gold) abuse done by some players, so we decided to disable Taels freebie.


We decided to give freebies the following 100M Gold(use to be Coins), 1M Vouchers(use to be Coupons)


Because of the above changes we changed abit our InGame Shop Image and made some items purchasable with Vouchers instead of Taels, changes can be found bellow:

- 1st Category: Atonement Potion and Horn can be purchased using Vouchers 

- 3rd Category: Bai Jing Jing and Lady Veridian Activation Cards can be purchased using Vouchers 

- 5th Category: Haters Gonna Hate and Semi-Unstoppable Titles  can be purchased using Vouchers 

- 6th Category: All Purple Gear Boxes, Apprentice crest and Crest and Sigilis Box can be purchased using Vouchers

- 7th Category: Spirit Orb can  be purchased using Vouchers

- 8th Category: All can be purchased using Vouchers


We also still give this Freebies: R2 Wings, ViP2 and Chakra Unlock at LvL 70+


Rider, Wings, Mount and items can still be upgraded for FREE using Voucher Shop, just it will take more time, we wanted people to do dungeons, and participate in events as well, not just burn trough content and get bored in 1 day


Vote Rewards were changed as well, they reward 12500 Vouchers and 50 ViP Points for each Vote done every 12 hours, that brings the total of 250000 Vouchers and 1000 ViP Points Vote Reward each day if the player votes every 12 hours all Tops found in our "Vote For Rewards" page

Taels can now be obtain trough Donations, please visit our "Donate" page for more info


Thank you

Posted by LoMAdmin - 26/05/15 03:01PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,


Welcome to Land Of Mighty Warriors MKO Private Server


No Need to Download !!! Play directly in your Browser !!!

Server rates are 20x Exp and 6x Upgrades

Server its translated to English in proportion of 80%


We are giving several freebies:

  • - 100 millions coins
  • - 1 million gold/coupons
  • - ViP 2
  • - R2 Wings
  • - Chakra unlock at lvl 70

Freebies can be requested in User Panel, players must select the character before claiming each freebie!


Players will also receive Gold/ViP Points from Voting our game in tops, we decided to give 500k gold/coupons and 2000 ViP Points per day to each player, if the player will vote all tops found in our Vote section every 12 hours 


Also from Voting our game in tops using the Vote section players will receive advancement in ViP level each time they vote.


Server uses D6.5 chinese version, therefor there will be chinese names arround though we translated the game to english in proportion of 80%, mostly mobs names and quests and few other remain in chinese, everything else its in english though we are working to translate everything eventually


Please keep in mind that this is an private server, we are an small team translating and fixing the bugs, there are still bugs and things that are not working, but they are not affecting the game much, the game its very playable as it is, eitherway we are working to fix those bugs as we speak.


Thank you and Have Fun!

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